Retrobooth Photobooths in Durban for Hire for Weddings and Corproate Events and Conferences


Green Screen Photobooths for Corporate Events and Branding Activations in Durban and KZN

Green Screen Printing and Photobooths for Corporate Events and Mall Activations in Durban, Umhlanga, Ballito and KZN


The Retrobooth offers professional printed photos and Digital Imagery including Green screen technology for corporate events and activations in Durban, KZN.
Green Screen is technically referred to as chroma key, is the process by which a solid color can be removed from an image and replaced with another image. This is typically accomplished by setting up a green fabric background behind your photo subject. Then Instant Photo Booth can replace the green color with a user-selected background image. You can specify a single background for all users, or allow them to pick one from any number that you supply.

Our Green screen backdrops are printed on high quality stretch tension fabric which ensure there are no creases that could affect the quality of your print. We recommend that your green screen activation be held in a controlled lighting enviroment to ensure consistant lighting throught your event. Eg: Sun on the backdrop could cause undesirable results.


Green screen technology, when properly implemented, can produce impressive and realistic results. Our Photobooths are equipped with Professional LED Lighting used to remove any shadows in the Back and Foreground.  The Results and proportion are highly realistic and a great photo in 4x6 Postcard or 6x8 (A5) will be printed within a few seconds.
Green screen technology offers corporate event planners and Companies a versatile and engaging tool to enhance branding, entertainment, and interaction with attendees. By incorporating green screen activations into their events, companies can leave a lasting impression on guests while achieving their marketing and networking objectives.
Green Screen is widely preferred by many of our corporate companies and Event Organizers with successful results. Events such as Mall Activations, Brand Promotions, Product Launches etc. 
Our Green Screen Photobooths are available in Durban, Umhlanga, Ballito, KZN as well as Johannesberg.
Green Screen for Corproate Events and Branding Campaigns in Durban, Ballito and Durban ICC



Green screen technology allows for virtually unlimited background options. From exotic destinations to fantasy realms, users can transport themselves anywhere they desire, making each photo unique and memorable.


Event organizers can tailor the backgrounds to suit the theme or branding of the occasion. Whether it's a corporate event, wedding, or birthday party, the backgrounds can be customized to reflect the mood and style of the event.


Green screen photobooths are highly interactive and can be a focal point of any event. Guests enjoy the novelty of choosing their backgrounds and experimenting with different poses, resulting in lively and entertaining photos.


For corporate events, green screen photobooths offer valuable branding opportunities. Logos, slogans, and other branding elements can be seamlessly integrated into the backgrounds, increasing brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression on guests.


In the age of social media, sharing photos online has become a common practice. Green screen photobooths often come equipped with social media sharing capabilities, allowing users to instantly share their photos on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, further extending the reach of the event.


The printed photos serve as cherished keepsakes for guests, serving as a reminder of the event long after it's over. Whether displayed on a refrigerator or tucked away in a photo album, these personalized mementos hold sentimental value.
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